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about us

Candour is the name of fashion business focused on making ethical and long-lasting production. Established in UAE, with roots in Pakistan. We pride ourselves being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Inspired by the new trendy fast fashion, the idea behind Candour’s evolution is the process of converting fast fashion and mindless consumption into ethical & artistic trendy outfits without compromising on quality. Even before its launch, we have helped several stitching units in providing new opportunities to help them earn fair wages. Within few months, we had been able to produce over hundreds of articles to be launched in the market that are ethically made from the excess high quality fabric sourced from mass-production of high end fashion Industry. The approach of being sustainable and reducing carbon footprints makes us unique.

Customer is at the heart of our unique business model. We add value to people and society by making it possible to express themselves through our quality of product, limited designs and choosing a more sustainable life style.